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4 years ago
Serene atmosphere! Debra Quintana has the ability in helping people with diving deep into their soul so that One can have a better understanding of life here on earth. She has suggested some great books like A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, Brene Brown and others. A great source for different therapy techniques for becoming the person that you were meant to be.
- Ellen C

Learn how to be happy again

Are you are Lost in Life and you feel as if you are not fulfilling your purpose?

Perhaps you are struggling and you're  not happy and you want to make real changes? 

Keep it Real Counseling, by Debra Quintana is Individualized or Group Mental Health Therapy, that offers a variety of techniques. 

Debra Quintana offers Keep it Real Counseling that assists Individuals, Families and Couples in the Pensacola area with Mental Health and emotional issues with the goal of finding Clarity and Understanding you Deserve.

Counseling is comprised of a variety of  therapeutic modalities.

Keep it Real Counseling will lead you on a path of Clarity and Self-Understanding. 

Whether you are dealing with Depression, Anger, Marital issues, Debra will help you discover your True Essence for a more enjoyable life journey. 

Mental Health & Counseling Services offered:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as CBT, was developed by Aaron T. Beck in the 1960s to help clients understand that their thoughts and feelings influence their behaviors.  The goal of CBT is to help clients realize that they cannot control every element in their environment, but they can learn ways to adapt and manage themselves in a healthy manner within their environment. 

Hypnotherapy has an extensive history as a reputable modality allowing the client to experience such deep relaxation (referred to as a trance/altered state synonymous of daydreaming).  

While relaxed, the client focuses on a feeling (time or event) with an openness to positive suggestions that supports therapeutic changes yet remaining completely aware of everything. 

Studies have shown that hypnotherapy is a successful modality for change with countless findings that “almost all lasting changes happen in the subconscious mind.”  
The true essence of our being always desires to shift and evolve for the good, especially self because doing so allows us to extend the same for the good of all.

Reality Therapy was founded by William Glasser and is based on the belief that problems are created by how one chooses to behave.  
Reality therapy focuses on getting the client to take personal responsibility for their choices and be consciously aware of relative outcomes.  

Basically saying, we are the creator of our situations and the outcomes serve as mechanisms that let us know if we need to adjust our creative processes for a more acceptable outcome.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, also known as REBT, is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy developed by Albert Ellis. 

REBT helps clients shift their belief system from irrational patterns (that no longer serve the client) to a belief system that will help client shift and evolve along their journey in a healthier manner.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, also known as EMDR, was discovered by Francine Shapiro to help people process traumatic memories in an eight-phase approach that uses history of current problem(s), memory access, and brief sets of eye movements, taps or tones process are used as an aid to help client identify healthy cognition while discarding cognition that are no longer of service to client. 

For example, an abused client may be experiencing fear and/or shame and through use of EMDR, the client will realize they are strong/resilient and that the word shame was an erroneously attached cognition manifested by a situation. 

Energy Work is an ancient modality handed down for eons and while our DNA carries the memory of how to heal itself, imbalances can result in a lack of communication within the body’s cellular processes. 

Eastern societies have (for thousands of years) practiced these natural healing modalities (working with client’s energy/chakras) to re-establish homeostasis (ability to maintain stability in spite of changes) within the body. 

The Mission of Keep It Real Counseling & Group Therapy is to specialize in mental health counseling, hypnotherapy, and energy work. 

To Explore your journey of shifting and evolving along life’s path can be an exciting and enlightening experience unless the bumps in the road spiral into anxiety, depression, or overwhelming behaviors that appear to steal our true self. 

It is interesting how we “all” know that our body is a miraculous entity that heals itself but from time to time, we still seem to get “stuck.”  

By following those subtle little signs, is where our paths cross with a gentle nudge of encouragement, a sprinkle of love and kindness, and implementing a few ancient and natural healing modalities.  

As humans, the good thing is your DNA carries the memory of how to heal itself but the lack of communication within the body’s cells can cause an imbalance. 

When you are imbalanced, it can significantly effect your mental, physical and behavioral functioning.

Eastern societies have practiced natural healing modalities for thousands of years to re-establish homeostasis (ability to maintain stability in spite of changes) within the body.  

Why do you want a healthy balance? 

A healthy balance supports healthy cell communication. Energy work can boost the body’s self-healing process according to universal law (versus man-made diversions). 

The body is an amazing creation and YOU are your own very special miracle, constantly shifting and evolving. 

How do you measure results?

Your results will be a reflection of the attention and efforts you put into this healing journey.  

In a culture of “Drive-Thru Gratification,” where people tend to expect a quick fix for everything, including our own healing, while easily dismissing the years of compounded trauma and self-inflicted drama. 

Natural healing practitioners are very aware that the human body is an extraordinarily adaptable work of art that usually takes a lot of abuse before the physical body is so imbalanced that it becomes symptomatic.  

Even with a sudden injury, the body’s miraculous ability to heal itself is slighted by the person’s general state of health, exercise, mental state, nutritional intake/eating habits, and even medicinal properties which may have negative side effects. 

How long does it take before you see results?

How quickly a person responds to any counseling modality will likely depend on a number of aspects (including but not limited to): 

1) How long a person has been experiencing issues

2)  A person’s desire to shift and evolve, the person’s general state of health (physical & mentally)

3) The amount of intention & effort a client puts into their own healing process,which can require a radical change of lifestyle. 

Counseling and its many modalities are designed to address a person’s mental imbalances and/or learned behaviors that appear to have left a negative effect on one’s life.

We are all leading busy lives, so how long should I put off counseling? 

If left untreated, such issues often morph into a precursor to a future illness in the physical body.

You will learn how to address the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

Unlike many pharmaceutical medications, designed to quickly comfort the client, natural healing modalities, mental health counseling, and energy work strives to heal the root of the issue so client can gain healthier coping skills to avoid future disease. 

As you will learn, this approach is much like “teach someone how to fish and they will never go hungry.”   

Debra Quintana of Keep it Real Counseling, offers years of experience of counseling, hypnotherapy, energy healing.

These modalities are known to enhance your natural healing process.

How do you know which modality is right for you?

Keep it Real Counseling will help you
identify what feels most effective for you. 

How Long Will it take for Counseling to work?

Answering that is hard.

While many people benefit after just one session, others might decide that more sessions are needed in order to gain the amount of personal growth and development they desire. 
You have been in the back seat long enough. It’s your turn to feel good, to walk like that person walks, to think like that person thinks, to see like that person sees, to laugh like that person laughs, and to love like that person loves! 

Why not take the step and find the fulfillment you are seeking?  

Healthy tips to help you relax: 

Concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply with your abdomen (as you breathe in push your abdomen out and as you exhale pull your abdomen in).

This is how you were breathing as an infant thus enhancing the relaxation process.

Visualize your body healing itself and picture in your mind, “Your Future Self" as healthy and happy.

Doing so will have a surprisingly powerful effect on your outcome. 

Likewise, prayer and meditation are always encouraged. 

Services & Therapy Areas 
  • Coping with anxiety
  • Help with Panic Attacks
  • Depression 
  • Anger Management
  • Family Conflict Therapy
  • Grief & Loss Therapy
  • Self Esteem Help
  • Help with Stress
  • PTSD Therapy & Trauma 
  • Codependency Help
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Sleep Issues
  • Children's Therapy
  • Adolescent Therapy
  • Bi-Polar Disorder 
  • Substance Use   
  • Court Order/Mandated Therapy

Debra Quintana-Keep it Real Counseling has chosen not to be on insurance panels, as she believes in providing quality care over quantity. 

If you have any questions regarding private pay versus health insurance for therapy, please call our office.
Cancellation Policy

If you do not show up for your scheduled therapy appointment, your on-file credit card will be charged for a full 1 hour session unless you have provided our office with a 24 hour notice.

Who is Debra Quintana?

Debra Quintana  is a Troy University graduate with a master’s degree in Psychology & Mental Health Counseling.  In addition, she has an undergraduate degree in business from Faulkner University and a paralegal associates from Faulkner State College.

Having over 50 years of extreme life experiences, Debra excels in helping others discover who they are, their passion in life which leads to discovering life's purpose.

Having experience counseling people from age 4, to over 70 years old, inclusive of, but not limited to, working in a psychiatric hospital, a specialized foster care system, treating significantly troubled children, children in Public Schools, and with Department of Corrections (male and female inmates from juvenile to geriatric).   

Call today to schedule your counseling session and start your new journey today.

Debra Quinatana LMHC
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